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Riviera Rings


Fit for Vinolok

This bottle exudes a bright and distinctive personality, radiating positive energy with its stylish design. The elegant rifling along the silhouette enhances the way light interacts with the bottle, creating dynamic reflections and harmonious effects. It stands as an exceptional example of contemporary luxury and one-of-a-kind elegance.

Capacity Weight Height (A) Body (B/C) Neck Finish (D) Brimfull Colours
200 ml 300 gr 152.0 mm 60.5 mm R 17.5/30 mm 215 ml
500 ml 500 gr 195.3 mm 77.9 mm R 21.5/38 mm 520 ml
700 ml 600 gr 215 mm 86.2 mm R 21.5/42 mm 725 ml
750* ml 600 gr 215 mm 88.6 mm R 21.5/42 mm 775 ml
*In progress

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