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Rewriting the rules of high-end glass packaging

Shaping glass to create new style experiences

An extensive catalogue of exclusive and ready-to-use solutions allows us to respond to all requirements with unique proposals that are always up-to-date, supported by a tailor-made consultancy and customisation service.

Style, innovation and market knowledge make us an exceptional reference point, the ideal partner to meet the most complex creative challenges with high-added-value solutions.

Passion Meets Expertise

The Synergy for Success

Over 70 years of experience in the standard wine market in Germany and three decades of excellence in luxury glass packaging.

Reis Packaging Europe stemmed from the fusion of Italian creativity and design with the efficiency and logistical capacity of Reis Flaschengroßhandel, a historic German company with over 70 years of experience in the sector.

Two hearts united in a winning synergy, sealed by Roberto Del Bon’s thirty years of experience and thorough knowledge of the international market.
Under his leadership, Reis Packaging Europe has entered the world of glass packaging design in its own right, redefining the concept of customisation and tailor-made care by creating a catalogue of ready-to-use packaging and exploiting its extensive knowledge of the global market in its glass, cap and lid production.


we make the difference

We want to redefine the concept of creativity and tailor-made skills to be an international benchmark in the high-end glass packaging sector.


expertise at your service

Our thorough knowledge of the market and its players, along with our attention to every detail, allows us to respond to our customers’ needs with an efficient and comprehensive service able to make all the difference in terms of innovation, product availability and logistics.


for us it's a question of style

With our ready-to-use catalogue, high-end solutions and customisation services, we offer comprehensive glass packaging solutions that can add personality and character to any type of product.