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A new cylindrical jar with a rigorous line, characterised by a harmonic curve at the bottom that facilitates handling and slims the line. The body has a large labelling area and allows a perfect arrangement of the contents inside. A perfectly balanced and refined container.

Capacity Weight Height (A) Body (B/C) Neck Finish (D) Brimfull Colours
212  ml 150 gr 82.5 mm 60.5 mm TO 66 DEEP 212 ml
314 ml 195 gr 115 mm 60.5 mm TO 66 DEEP 314 ml
314 ml 195 gr 105 mm 64.0/73.0 mm TO 70 DEEP 314 ml
580 ml 280 gr 126 mm 76.8/88.5 mm TO 82 DEEP 580 ml
*In progress

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