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Exceptional solutions

a question of style

Creativity, innovative materials and workmanship, for a high-end range capable of enhancing any product type.
Discover our complete and diverse selection of styles, shapes and processes, developed for every category and product range.

Stand out

Packaging tomorrow's emotions

It is our job to know and anticipate market trends. We chart new paths with a catalogue of exceptional solutions, selected to differentiate and maximise your offer, defining its character.

the Reis method

Comprehensive service

Our experience in the industry and contact with leading partners on the market has enabled us to optimise a working method that combines high-quality solutions, dialogue and production efficiency, guaranteeing speed and punctuality at every stage.


Flexibility and accessible production runs

From craft distillery SMEs to large groups, we respond to all our customers’ needs with the highest level of production flexibility.


Guaranteed quality

Quality is in the details, in our passion for glass and our desire to offer winning solutions, evaluated and scrupulously tested by our Quality Control division. At Reis we guarantee the quality of each of our products, offering you only the very best.