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Customised glass packaging solutions, from creative idea to production. This is how we shape your project step by step: a dialogue based on professionalism, punctuality and transparency.


analysis and consultancy

During this phase we put our R&D department at your disposal for an initial discussion of your packaging idea and requirements. It is an in-depth listening and analysis phase, which is essential in order to understand how to develop the work, but also to provide you with consultancy support and information regarding all the aspects and services involved.


the design is born

We analyse all the information to define, create and ultimately deliver a proposal complete with all the technical specifications. Once you have received the technical drawing, you can check every aspect of it and suggest your own modifications and additions until it meets your satisfaction.


the benefits of prototyping

Prototyping is a very useful service that we offer on request. It helps you gain a real understanding of the key features of the finished product. The process includes prototyping in resin and, where possible, in glass itself.


transparency, dialogue and reliability

Once all the technical aspects and parameters have been defined, you will be sent a commercial proposal complete with all the items: from the cost of mould development to the cost of the article, the required production quantities and the delivery times.


glass samples

The first stage of the process involves the construction of a pilot mould to make an essential sample for the factory to optimise all the final production parameters. This will also give you the chance to test all the aesthetic and functional aspects, as well as providing you with samples for internal presentation and marketing.


final production

The mould sets can be completed once you have approved the sample, making it possible to schedule the first production run in the agreed quantities.