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Glass? For us it’s a question of style. From the creative idea to prototyping, all the way through to the complete end result, we explore its expressive, performance and functional horizons. Each of our designs is a tailor-made creation. Its design is inspired by the character of the product it is going to contain and interprets its values, to be translated into an experience that leaves its mark.

Roberto Del Bon – CEO

a winning combination

Italian design & German efficiency

At Reis, the style and creativity of Italian design meet German organisation and reliability. A unique union, a synergy that combines areas of excellence and merges them in a new entity with creative ability, innovation and quality as its strong points.

global access

to the glass market

With over 30 years of managerial experience in the industry, Roberto Del Bon has established an extensive network of relationships with leading glass manufacturers worldwide. This global system allows us to always choose the right manufacturer, reducing the risk of waiting times or supply constraints, thereby offering our customers a real advantage.

logistics and delivery

making every phase simpler

We’ve been guaranteeing an efficient and punctual delivery service for over 70 years. How do we do it?
It’s all down to a logistics management and organisation capacity that boasts more than 20,000 sqm of warehouses strategically located in the heart of Europe and a fleet of our own vehicles.

From production to storage to delivery, we take care of everything, simplifying every step of the product’s journey.

classic glass

standard bottles

Discover our constantly evolving catalogue of standard solutions for all product categories.

Always in stock and ready for delivery, our standard bottle designs are ideal for customers wanting to cut down the production and development times for new packaging solutions.


special bottles

Discover our catalogue of high-end solutions.

Exceptional design, materials and workmanship that anticipate market trends, offering outstanding models and full-package combinations that are always in stock.